Thursday, May 2, 2013

Many deep thanks to all those who came out, and gave to the ROSE F KENNEDY Center, Bed-Stuy  & all those who performed and read; here's some select pics from the eve by Jaime (he who is posting now :) ) : Petr Niki, Glen Hansard, Adrian Glynn, Michael Patrick MacDonald, Renata Morren (of course), A Brief View of the Hudson, Thomas Patrick Maguire, Winners & Cave Lightning, as well as a short film by Hedi Rose. Thank you for a great evening... Cheers till next time.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

APRIL 14th...

Event starting with a few short films by Hedvika Hlavackova (Prague),

Me (!)
Michael Patrick MacDonald author of “All Souls” and “Easter Rising”
and activist against crime and violence and national bestseller:

A. Glynn
“A Brief View of the Hudson” (NYC):
“Winners” (Jersey):
“Cave Lightning” (Brooklyn): (temporary name) (rough, without full band, just for
a taste)
Thomas Patrick Maguire (Jamaica, Queens):


Just hypin' - Love, Renata

November '12 Recap...

event art by taeOne +taeOne beats ... 

At the November reading series we had several great readings by Kesha Star Young, Christy Barrett Kelly, TJ English and a musical performance by Kelley Swindall. Above, TJ English reads his NY Times article on the life and passing of George Whitmore in the video above. Kesha, Christy and Kelley (respectively) are foto'd below... APOLOGIES on our poor internet representation of this event! Though it was still successful despite the turkey day diversion... 

Kesha Young

Christy Kelly 

& ... Kelley Swindall

Recap from October's Reading...

Thanks to everybody who came out, the readers & performer. Twas a magical eve... (below, ticket art:)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Post

Hello Everyone and welcome! We are still working out the first date for the first reading (with music) to kick off the series. This will be announced as soon as it is decided! I recently got my second and third readers (to read, accept and reject submissions with me) and will post their bios soon. For now, I am posting some thoughts and a list: Potential Loose-Themes for Each Reading* (in no particular order): 
Love is Hell Night
Live Fast Die Young Night
Ivy League College Night
Feeling (the idea of feeling;of being a feeling person) Night
Slavery Night
Waitressing Night
Bartenders Write Night
Food/Service Industry Night
Kitchen/food prep Night
Bad Decisions Night
Earth Day
Waking Up from a Shitty Stupor Night
Crazy Lover Night
Break-up Night
Moving to New York City Night
Born in NYC Night
Irish (from Ireland) Night
Asbury Park Night
Casual Sex Night
Being Poor Night
Being Rich Night
Alcoholic Night
Being Sober Night
Therapy Night
“Up in the Old Hotel” (inspired by or in the realm of the book) Night
Illness/Disease Night
Getting Healthy Night
Bed Stuy/Bushwick Night
Williamsburg Night
The Sea Night
Musicians Write Literature or Like-Literature Night
Artists Write Night
Being a Woman Night
What is Man Night
Meat Night
Dysfunctional Family Night
Gentrification Night
Gay Night
Making Love Night
War Night
Drinking Your Life Away Night
Parents of Young Children Night
Parents of Big Children Night
Spirituality Night (in no way is this going to be a night of/about people who have found themselves spiritually.)
New Jersey Night
Jewish New York Night
Bukowski Night
Keats Night
Rain Night
Body Image Night
Swift’s (Bar) Night 
Porn Night
Lobster or Seafood Night
Lower East Side Night
Why I Hate Everybody Night
Mental Hospital/Rehab Night
Vegan/Vegetarian Night (I like to think about how ten years ago you were an anomaly if you tried this. Now it’s normal! What else is going to happen?)
2012 End of the World as We Know It Night
Nature Night
Beat Night
Yates Night
People Who Grew Up Catholic Night 
Activist Night
Summer/Winter/Fall/Spring Nights
New-Love Night
Old-Love Night
Who’s-To-Blame Night (is it the people on top or the people on the bottom bla bla bla; what the f**k is really going on)
When-We-Used-to-Do-Drugs Night
Living in Another Country/Expat Night
America Night
New London, Connecticut Night
Learning to Love Night or/and “The Art of Loving” (inspired by or in the realm of the book) Night
Black Night
Paris 1920s & 1930s Night
Painters (as in Paintings) Night
Construction (as in Workers) Night 
Aphrodisiac Night
Mexican Night
Prague Night
Belfast Night
Amsterdam Night
South of France Night
Africa Night
Bike Messenger Night
Growing Up Reading Books Night
Growing Up on Television Night
Anais Nin Night
Working-For-the-Weekend Night
Jean-Paul Sartre Night
Coffee and Cigarettes Night (NOTHING to do with the film)
Simone De Beauvoir Night (though I haven’t read enough of her stuff yet so not sure)
Colony Night
Oregon Night
Vermont Night
Overnight Shift Night
Abortion Night (I figure important and exciting considering how much in the dark ages we’re living. I’m not into abortion, or not particularly, I just don’t think men should be the decision-makers for women’s bodies.)
Racism Night
David Foster Wallace Night (at least inspired by one of the essays in “Consider the Lobster”. But go ahead and do “Infinite Jest”, or anything else, if you like.)
Sexism Night
Suicide Night
Car Crash/Car-Death Night
Celebration Night
Birthday Night
Arlene’s Grocery Night
Whiskey Night
Long-Term Relationship Night
Who Am I? Night
Thirty-and-Up Night
Forty-and-Up Night (though would anyone come? ha ha ha)
Living in the Country Night
Waking Up From Being in Business Night (you know, the few who have some soul and, for one reason or another, are business people, for years and years, or for a few, and then just wake up as if god has spoken to them but not like that at all, and go and start searching for themselves, for whatever. Actually I think this phenomenon is more wide-spread then ever, though I could be wrong.)
Manhattan Night
Woody Allen Night
‘The South’ Night
LA Night
Threesome (and up?) Night
Freedom Night (what is freedom?)
Not-Leaving-the-House Night (doesn’t everyone in this city experience this? and maybe elsewhere?)
Miami Night
Nerd Night
Alien Night (real or nerd-version)
Running Night
Trust Fund Night
Doctor Night
Nurse Night
Impotence/Getting it Up Night
Art School Night
Israel Night
Korea Night
Actor/Actress Night (Oh no! Yes, I cringe. Which means it’s probably good for me.)
Environmental Night
Man Sexuality Night (How is it that most of them will go for anything?!!!!????!!!! A phenomenon almost no women understand and almost no men will be honest about. Let’s talk about it!!!!!!)
Sports Night (I am thinking “the horror of..” but am open to see where this can go.)
Nora and James Joyce Night (Look up this relationship if you don’t know already!)
Washington Heights Night
Hip Hop Night
Punk Night
NY Hardcore Night
Classical Music Night
Graffiti Night
Emma Goldman and/or Alexander Berkman Night
Lost-my-mind to religion (in the past) Night
Face Your Fears Night
Prison Night (I know several people who have been in prison who are real cool and functioning in society just fine. Do you? If yes, send them to me!)
Online Dating Night (OK cupid!!!!! And the others that I don’t yet know..)
Nuyorican Poetry Club Night
The Suburbs Night 
Depression Night
40oz Night
Skateboarding Night
Club Night (Jesus, if you can find cool writing people from any club scene that could be a goldmine.)
Cafe Night/Alt. Cafe (Avenue A and gone now) Night
The Library Bar Night
McSorley’s Night
Upper West Side Night
Upper East Side Night
Lower West Side/West Village Night
Paris, Texas Night (inspired by the film or/and Ry Cooder music ‘night’)
When Gay was Illegal Night
When Tattoos were Illegal Night
Tattoo Night (ha, mostly I think of the lameness of most people covered in tattoos. Do they think that because they have them they don’t need to develop other parts of their personalities? Generalizing of course... Sorry. Exceptions to every generalization! I’m thinking of the time I got a substantial tattoo in South Jersey and there were a bunch of people covered in them (decent ones) around the shop and had NOTHING to say and how tattoo culture is or has become a subculture in itself, like it needs nothing else to make it ‘quality’!)
Young Lover Night
Older Lover Night
Christmas Night
Valentine’s Day (from Hell?) Night
Blackout Books Night (Avenue B and gone now)
‘Protests’ Night (Disillusionment, Hope..)
Bikers Night
For the Animals Night
Northern Irish Night
Photography Night (people who take pictures writing..)
Moving In Together Night
Cassette Tape Night
Facebook Night
The Ear Inn Night
Leaving Home Night
Getting Married Night
Staying Single Forever Night
Stripper Night
Tompkins Square Park Night
Cocaine Night
Coney Island Night
Brighton Beach Night
Beastie Boys Night (obviously RIP MCA Night)
Queens Night
The Bronx Night
Brooklyn Night
The A Train Night
Ramones Night
The Clash Night
The All State Bar (once on West 72nd Street) Night
Weed Night (No weed on premises or you are DEAD, I mean in big trouble)
Piano Night
Canada Night
Montreal Night
Filmmakers Night (meaning filmmakers who write too)
Marriage Night
Older Single Women Night
Bachelor-Forever Night
What is LOVE? Night
Fishermen Night
Bar Owner Night
Temporary Poverty/Being Broke Night
Being Judgmental/Breaking Those Bounds (in AA they say if you point one finger, there’re two pointing back at you. Whatever your opinion on AA is, the truth, regardless, is that sometimes they say amazing things.)
Old New York Night
New New York Night
Marriage Night
Why I don’t drink Night
Why I Drink Night
Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend Night
Ex Husband/Wife Night
Kafka Night
Edna St. Millay Night
Dating an Artist (musician, writer, artist) Night
Leonard Cohen Night (inspired by, essentially)
Being a Tourist Vs. Traveling Night (or some variation)
High School Night
Crush Night
Having Crushes While You are in a Relationship Night
Affair Night
Chakras Night
Touring With the/a Band Night
Greyhound Bus Night
Amtrack Train Night
Driving Night
Being Faithful Night
Marrying Your Father/Mother Night
Death Night
Death of a Parent Night
Death of a Friend Night
BFF Night (BFF means Best Friends Forever and it is funny)
Small Businesses That Excite Us Night (i.e. real characters)
Dive Bar Night
Escaping Night
Dysfunctional Relationship Night
One-Night Stand Night
College Night
A Night/Day That Changed Everything Forever Night
“Intervention” song by Arcade Fire Night
“Back to the Wild” Langhorne Slim Night
Kafka Night
Edna St. Millay Night
Rudolph Steiner Night (or Science-with-Soul Night)
Humanist Night
Born to be Wild Night
Religious Night
French Film Night (in the vibe of, inspired by, and so on so forth)
The Pogues Night
Brain Night

There will be a Brandworkers Charity Benefit ( and a Writer’s Coalition Charity Benefit ( Nights (separate), with themes related to benefits. Look up these organizations,  they are amazing! 
*Please keep in mind that these are potential themes and will change and grow based on submissions, personalities and conversations related/involved. We are very open to suggestions in the way that we want them, and will read them, but if those suggestions are not cool (in a definition of cool that has to do with spreading openness, education, art, freedom, understanding, love, dialogue, warmth, feeling) enough, they will not make it to the list. These reading-nights are meant to be a kind of therapeutic venting, whether for the readers or the audience; to open a flowing dialogue that is rare in our culture and in most. Also, do not suggest themes unless you are planning to submit to them, ‘know someone’ who is, or at least are extremely passionate about them. Thank you for your understanding. 
And: It works like this: If we get a submission worth paying attention to, then we (or you, or all of us together) apply it to a theme and seek other writings within that theme. There are a few readers (approving and rejecting submissions) and really, all one has to do is actually write from their heart to warrant attention. We think the submission process won’t be too hard since we know a lot of people. Plus many of you will be helping.  

Please submit! Since this is all still being formulated and the reading series has not yet started, we are in need of submissions.